Upgrade Your Organization

Let us help you improve your processes, reduce inefficiencies, and fulfill your mission!

We Care Too

The world needs selfless organizations now more than ever. As certified Salesforce experts, our team recognizes that the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is the only platform capable of truly supporting nonprofits. Combine Salesforce customization with our  skillset and support and see your impact soar!


We love Salesforce! Not only is the the world's #1 CRM, but it is also a powerful platform that will let your organization have a single source of truth for your data and at the same time help you become more effective at fulfilling your mission.

Update Your Tech Stack

Chances are you are using close to twenty different technologies on daily basis, if not more! Most of the time the non-profit "tech-stack" does not natively talk to each other. This causes staff inefficiencies and data-duplication. We use Salesforce as the platform to connect all your data channels to power your organization.

Get Powerful Insights

Do you really know your impact on your constituents? Who are your largest potential givers? Which people are most engaged as volunteers? We work with you to make sure your data is up-to-date and working for you so that you can use it to make impactful  business decisions.

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Our community for synagogues to learn, collaborate, and share about Salesforce.

Meet the Team

Our family cares about your business family. Think of our team as an extension of your team!


Co-Chief Executive Officer
I was always a technologist from an early age in life and continued that passion into my professional career with a Software Engineering degree. I love to tackle hard problems using software and enjoy spending my time trying to find inventive ways to help organizations do technology better. My last 10 years have been spent designing and building software solutions that help organizations create better awareness of their customers and respond accordingly.


Co-Chief Executive Officer
I started my career as an Aerospace Engineer and then realized my calling was to become a Rabbi to serve the Jewish people. After becoming a rabbi and building a school to serve many communities I realized that I could use my background in tech and my experience in the non-profit world to help the non-profit community as a whole make a bigger impact in peoples lives and the larger world.


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